Main Accelerator

TARLA Main Accelerator System: TARLA will use TESLA type superconducting linear accelerators operating at 1.3 GHz. Electrons will be preaccelerated by thermionic DC electron gun up to 235 keV and prebunched by two normal conducting RF cavities. Main acceleration system consists of two ELBE* designed 20 MeV superconducting linear accelerator modules (cryomodules) which can be operated in continuous mode. Basic parameters of SRF modules are given in Table**. Cooling of the superconducting cavities from ambient temperature down to the operation temperature of 1.8 K will be obtained with liquid helium.                                                   ELBE designed cryomodule***  

Table: Basic Parameters of SRF module

Cavity frequency at 2K 1300.0 MHz ± 0.05 MHz
Tuning range ±120 kHz
External Q of input couplers (optimized for operation at 1 mA beam current) (1.2 ±0.2) x 107
External Q of HOM couplers > 5×1011
Stand by losses of cryostat < 15W
Total accelerating voltage of the module > 20 MV
Dynamic losses at 20 MV cw operation < 60W
Total cryogenic losses at 20 MV cw operation < 75W
Power coupler performance (standing wave) ≥ 8 kW


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Contact Person : Özlem KARSLI (