TARLA will operate two InfraRed Free Electron Lasers (IR-FEL) covering the range of 3-250 microns. The facility will consist of an injector fed by a thermionic triode gun with two-stage RF bunch compression, two superconducting accelerating modules operating at continuous wave (CW) mode and two independent optical resonator systems with different undulator period lengths. The electron beam will also be used to generate Bremsstrahlung radiation.

Basic Electron Beam parameters of TARLA is given in Table

Parameter Unit Value
Energy MeV 15-40
Max. Bunch Charge pC 77
Bunch Length ps 0.5-5
Bunch Repetition ns 77
Max Average Beam Current mA 1
Horizontal Emittance mm.mrad <15
Vertical Emittance mm.mrad <12
Makropulse Repetition Hz 10-CW
Makropulse Duration μs 40-CW