Nanoscale chemical identification and mapping of materials now becomes possible with Nano-FTIR (Neaspec GmbH, Germany). This technique combines Atomic Force Microscopy AFM, operated in tapping mode, and Fourier transforms infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. Nano-FTIR allows for fast and reliable chemical identification of virtually any material at the nanometer scale. For proposal page please click.

The first s-SNOM image and mapping results in TARLA (23.03.2018):

Main Specifications of Nano-FTIR (s-SNOM)

  • 20 nm optical resolution
  • Near Field Spectroscopy (nano-FITR)
  • High speed near field imaging
  • Simultaneous optical amplitude (reflection)
  • Phase (absorption) measurement
  • 3-20 μm spectral range


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