Medical Linac

The Medical Linear Accelerator (MLA) uses similar technology to TARLA accelerator. The MLA primary electron beam is generated by an electron gun with an energy of about 50 keV. The electron gun which is a diode design has pulse repetition frequency of 400 Hz. The electrons provided by the gun are accelerated by a copper S-Band structure up to 18 MeV with same pulse repetition rate.

Even though the linac is designed to operate maximum 18 MeV, the energy can be increased by removing the power limit in the magnetron. The nominal power supplied by the magnetron is 2.5 MW at 4 MeV (low energies) and 5 MW at 25 MeV (high energies). As is usual, all steering and focusing of the beam is achieved by standard magnetic and electrostatic devices. After exciting the copper cavity, the beam is steered through 112.5 degree slalom-type magnetic and electrostatic devices before falling onto a high-Z element target. The target that has enough thickness serves as an electron stopper and generates Bremsstrahlung photons source.

Although the main purpose of MLA is medical, i.e. for patient treatment, its bremsstrahlung photons can also be used to induce photonuclear reactions in which low photon intensity is required. Due to collimator system the photon energy is not infinitely adjustable. The available photon energy is 6 & 10 / 15 / 18 MeV.