The Turkish Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory in Ankara (TARLA) is proposed as an electron accelerator facility with an energy range of 10-40 MeV to produce 3-250 microns FEL pulses as well as Bremsstrahlung Radiation up to
30 MeV. The accelerating system will include an injector and the main accelerating section. The injector line consists of a thermionic DC gun up to 250 keV and two ELBE design normal conducting RF cavities to compress electron bunches obtained from gun. The injector line forming entirely the normal conducting technology delivers 250 keV accelerated electrons with the bunch charge of 77 pC at 13 MHz repetition rate that correspond 1 mA current in CW
(Continuous Wave) mode.

The main accelerating section includes two superconducting ELBE modules including two TESLA RF cavities in each operating at frequency of 1.3 GHz and temperature of 1.8 K (superfluid helium). Each RF cavities will be fed by 18 kW solid state RF amplifiers. TESLA RF cavities operates in standing wave mode and have a capacity of accelerating gradient up to 15 MV/m at CW mode that means each module allows to accelerate 1 mA current up to 20 MeV.

TARLA will provide free electron laser in the range about 3-250 µm with the repetition rate of 13 MHz and a duration of 1-10 ps in full operation. This broadband wavelength range will be achieved by two optical cavities housing two undulators with different undulator periods. The laser beam is expected to have an average power of 0.1-100 W and to be used in different laboratories that will be available in the facility.

Basic Electron Beam parameters of TARLA is given in Table

Parameter Unit Value
Energy MeV 15-40
Max. Bunch Charge pC 77
Bunch Length ps 0.5-5
Bunch Repetition ns 77
Max Average Beam Current mA 1
Horizontal Emittance mm.mrad <15
Vertical Emittance mm.mrad <12
Makropulse Repetition Hz 10-CW
Makropulse Duration μs 40-CW