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Research Infrastructure

TARLA has already started to equip the user facilities by 2018. A turn key s-SNOM system (See Nano-FTIR) providing 10 nm spectral and spacial resolution is in operation and serving users from various fields such as physics and chemistry. The broadband laser source feeding the system will later be replaced and coupled with FEL provided by resonator systems.

A medical linac is granted by Ankara University Medical Faculty to TARLA for educational purposes as well as experiments with the electron beam and gamma radiation provided by the Medical Linear Accelerator (MLA). The dedicated room is allocated for the MLA at TARLA site. It will be used for educational purposes which will also allow scientists to make researches relating photo-nuclear interactions.

Additionally, a table top pump probe system which applied in the fields of ultrafast spectroscopy, photo-acoustics, Tera Hertz imaging, etc. will be settled at TARLA by the end of 2018. A Ti-Sapphire laser system (See Pump-Probe) has already procured and waiting for delivery.