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National Funded Projects

Ministry of Development

Electron Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory (TARLA) (
Ankara University
Project Period: 
2016 – continue
Project Manager:
Asst. Prof. Dr. Avni Aksoy
Universities as Project Partner: Middle East Technical University, Bilkent University, Koc University
Project Team: 
26 researcher

Turkish Accelerator Center Technical Design and Test Laboratories  (
Project Format: Disseminated National and International Project (YUUP) / Interuniversities Project
Coordinator: Ankara University
Universities as Project Partner: Gazi University, Istanbul University, Bogazici University, Doguş University, Uludag University, Dumlupınar University, Eskisehir University, Osmangazi University, Erciyes University, Nigde University, S. Demirel University and Gebze Technical University
Project Period: 2006-2015
Project Manager: Prof. Dr. Omer Yavas
Project Team: 156 researcher (78 graduate student, 78 post-doc researcher)

European Union Funded Projects

European Research Centers  as Project Members
Coordination Center: Elettra-Sincrotrone (Trieste, Italy)
Local Coordinators:
Asst.Prof. Dr. Avni Aksoy
ProjectPeriod: 2018-2021 (4 years)
Subject and Importance: TARLA/IAT (Institute of Accelerator Technologies)  is responsible for the  achievement of WP6 (Beam Dynamics and Start-to-End Modeling) work package. This work package engages the data of executed in all other work packages. The studies of research centers and universities from 11 different countries of the world is coordinated within the work package.

European Research Centers  as Project Members
Coordination Center: HZDR (Dresden, Germany)
Local Coordinators:
Asst.Prof. Dr. Avni Aksoy, Prof. Dr. Pervin Arıkan
ProjectPeriod: 2017-2021 (5 years)
Subject and Importance: CALIPSOPlus brings together 22 synchrotron radiation installations and a free electron laser facility in Europe and aims to provide access to the world's leading radiation sources for all researchers and industry in Europe.

TUBITAK Projects**

1.Antarktik Meteoritler Ve Mikrometeoritler Için Türkiye-Belçika-Japonya Ortak Projesi (119N207)

Turkey – Belgium – Japan Joint Project for Antarctic Meteorites and Micrometeorites - Project Type: 2536 - KUTUP İkili İşbirliği Programı

Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yeşiltaş (Kırklareli Uni.)

Project Period: 2020-2023

Subject and Importance: This is a multi-national joint project to collect and study Antarctic meteorites and micrometeorites. This topic is listed as “high priority” in the Turkish National Polar Science Program.

2. İlk Türk Antarktik Meteoritlerinin Mineral İçeriği Ve Fizikokimyasal Oluşum Koşullarının Araştırılması (120Y115)-Proje Türü: 1001

Project Period: 2021-2023

Coordinator: Asst. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Yeşiltaş (Kırklareli Uni.)

Subject and Importance: This project will give Turkish researchers an important opportunity to unearth the unknowns about our solar system, asteroids and its stages by examining it for the first time.

**In these projects TARLA is serving as research infrastructure and project member.